A one man passion project fueled by the love of experimental electronic sounds & music. Creating custom synths and effects as RE's for Reason.



Ekssperimental Sounds Studio developed out of the music producer alias EKSS - an acronym derived from my full name, Erik Karl Stephan Söderberg. The initial demos under the EKSS moniker were recorded around 1999-2000, taking the first tentative steps on a 4-channel tape porta. These early explorations delved into a fusion of lo-fi, indie, bit, chip-tune, and krautrock experiments. Soon after, my musical journey took a significant turn when I acquired a copy of Reason 1.0, having tried ReBirth earlier I quickly found myself at home in Reason, suddenly music production was swift, easy, and very much enjoyable.

By 2006, my musical palette had evolved, transitioning from synthpop to goa trance, tech house, and eventually finding inspiration in reggae/dub, influenced by pioneers such as King Tubby, Jah Shaka, and Mad Professor. Living in Uppsala, the heart of sound system reggae dub in Sweden, I frequented events hosted by Meditative Sounds, Dub Tribulation, and Jah Massive Sound System, immersing myself in a vibrant scene of producers and labels providing fresh riddims and dubs for the dance.

With the introduction of Reason's Combinator, I began crafting custom devices, adorning them with graphics that seamlessly integrated with the rack. The aspiration to create more sophisticated devices took root, and by 2017, I unveiled the ES01 Analog Synthesizer under the Ekssperimental Sounds brand, available in the Reason Shop. Since then, the commitment to innovation continues, with the ongoing development of various effects and synths.



If you have any questions about a Rack Extension feel free to get in touch via the form here. Manuals and info sheets can be found via the link above.

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ARCHIVE: previous version of ekss.se and refills.ekss.se